Japan-U.S.-Canada-Australia Joint Business-University Workshop '99  "MAPPING THE WORLD"(Nov. 1999)
Summary(HTML format) Full Document(PDF format: 34KB)

Japan-U.S.-Canada Joint Business-University Workshop '97  "Creativity in the Global Economy : The Key to the Future"(Mar. 1998)
 Full Document(PDF format:1,340KB)

Asia Business-University Workshop (Jul. 1997)
Summary(HTML format) Full Document(PDF format:230KB)

Japan-U.S.-Canada Joint Business-University Workshop '96  "High Performance Workplace and Works Towards Business-University Collaboration for the New Century"(Mar. 1997)
Summary(HTML format) Full Document(PDF format:3,111KB)

Japan-U.S. Business-University Relations Workshop  "Reinventing Business-University Relations for the 21st Century"(Mar. 1995)
Summary(HTML format) Full Document(English)(PDF format:108KB)
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