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 The driving force for building modern Japan was the realization by its leaders that the old system had become irrelevant in a new age and new one had to be created. They acted boldly, despite of some resistance, to dismantle the three hundred or so old clan sovereignties in favor of building a nation for all the Japanese people. The principle for the building of a modern nation was to have the humility to learn and to constantly decide in favor of the greater whole against one's smaller interests.

 After a century and two decades, today's Japan faces a similar challenge. Once again there is a need to review, to discontinue what is irrelevant and to have the courage to experiment with a new system.

 The Business-University Forum of Japan was created by leaders of industry and academia to address the new challenges that we face as a society, as a nation and as a part of the human race. Recognizing that a new age requires new attitudes, new approaches and new commitments, the Business-University Forum of Japan has resolved to take the initiative in encouraging dialogue on critical issues. Realizing that this new period of history demands partnership with all its constituencies, the Business-University Forum of Japan has accepted the challenge to share responsibility with the government, particularly in those areas in which they have the resources, to contribute to the wiser management of our common future.

 The time is ripe to take private initiatives; to promote open dialoge; to stop, review and experiment; to share resources, responsibilities and results.

 The forum should be a forum for honest dialoge between business and academia. Honesty nurtures friendship and respect.

 The forum should cover such topics as the evolution of new relations between business and academia, global business, global education, preparing men and women for the new world. Are a national history and a national focus too narrow for the age we are entering?

 The forum should be kept to a manageable size conducive to free and frank exchange.

 Private initiative, business initiative, setting new agenda. New division of labor between government and business. Open dialoge. Transparency. Equal opportunities.

 Resolution of problems requires partnership. Government, business, universities alone cannot provide answers. Ideas must be encouraged to flourish. New resources must be tapped.

 Universities are trapped in old paradigms. Collaboration is a new key word. Japan cannot live in isolation. Her place is in the world. Needed: setting the agenda for change, implementing the change, calling a spade a spade, courage to admit mistakes, courage to shed conventional wisdom, courage to experiment.

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