nternational Workshop
  First Session
"What is expected in a Knowledge Economy ?"
  Second Session
"Higher Education in Global Era- New Definition of Education"
  Third Session
"Creating and Developing Social Capital for Innovation/Education"
  Fourth Session -Subsession 1
"Innovating Mindsets/Management Strategy for Higher Education Institutions in the Knowledge and Learning Driven Society"
  Fourth Session-Subsession 2
"Recurrent Education (Incl. Professional Development, Faculty Development)"
  Fourth Session-Subsession 3
"Issues on Science & Technology Learning/Lower Performance of Students"
  Fourth Session-Subsession 4
"Organization and Leadership for Rapidly Changing World (Incl. How to learn new organization, and Leadership learning System etc.)"
  Fourth Session-Subsession Report
  Closing Address(Initiative / Remarks)
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