International Activities
Exchange with business-university forum abroad

 BUF, through its exchange with similar forums abroad, actively participates in discussions over the ideal collaboration between businesses and universities. Members of BUF have attended annual meetings of these international forums and exchanged their candid opinions on problems which businesses and universities face in their home country.


●Business Higher Education Forum(BHEF)
 HEF, established in 1978, is a forum consisting of approximately 55 prominent corporate, academic and museum leaders in the United States. BHEF is engaged in various projects such as promoting closer business/academic partnerships, and cooperation to Central and Eastern Europe through personnel exchange. Most members are also members of advisory committees to the President of the United States and submit proposals to the Federal Government. Their opinions have an influence on the U.S. society.

●The Council for Industry and Higher Education(CIHE)

 CIHE leads in developing a shared agenda between academia and industry; we debate that agenda with government to secure changes in policy; and we promote the pursuit of excellence in knowledge creation, dissemination and application.

 Our policies are developed by a Council of leading people from a wide range of businesses, universities and colleges. A government Minister usually attends our meetings.

●The Business-University Forum of Thailand
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